Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What to do first

I am a fourteen year old girl who loves to spray paint and do crafty things with my mom, so I finally got on the ball and decided to start a blog about it.  Now, you may think, why would I want to do a blog? Well, it's just because I want to share what I love to do with other people.  My mom and I didn't even know the miracles spray painting could perform until we started looking at crafty blogs, so here I go.  Hope you enjoy!

I went shopping with my partner in crime, my mom, at the D.I., which is one of our favorite stores.  I am not  ashamed to admit it.  You would not believe the treasures that people just get rid of that you can find there!  Anyway, we have been looking for a cute lamp to go in my room, (we are redecorating my room and we needed some new things) and we saw a pretty cool lamp just sitting on the shelf.  My mom and I grabbed it and thought it would be perfect once we had spray painted it.

Here is the final result.  Isn't it cute?  And just think, it used to be an ugly thing that was in the D.I.  Talk about a beauty and the beast transformation.  We absolutely love it!  It will go perfectly in my room.  We just need to find a shade that will look great in my room.


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