Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jewelry Frame

Okay, so once again we were shopping at the D.I., just looking for something that we might be able to rescue and make into something cute.  You know how there are all sorts of rows in the D.I.,  the glass row, the toy row, the collectibles, the clothes, the frames, puzzles, holidays, it goes on and on.  Well, we went on the frame row and I found a pretty frame, but it had something extra that most frames don't have, it had a sort of criss cross of metal bars going across the inside of the frame.


So we bought it and took it home.  As you can see, it has a lot of potential to be just about anything, but my mom and I had a specific idea in mind.  You see how the bars are not totally small?  Well, we saw an idea on a blog or on T.V. that said that if you got chicken wire and did this with a frame you could create a cute jewelry holder for your earrings!  How fun is that?  So here is how it looks after we spray painted it:



Now, you can just leave it white with nothing behind the bars, or you could put coordinating scrapbook paper behind the bars and glue it so there is a pop of color.  Right now, we just primed it with spray paint because we do not know what color we want to paint it for sure.  You can do this with any frame.  All you need is a frame, chicken wire, spray paint, and scrapbook paper if you want.♦


As you can see, totally cute, fun and easy!  Anyone could pull off this project.  I did not think it would be this easy.  Now, what will my next project be?

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