Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pillowcase Bag

This bag is a really cute and very simple thing to make.  It did not take me very long and I think that it is a lot of fun and very easy, anybody can do this, I got this idea from Martha Stewart at Pillowcase Bag.  First of all, what you need is a pillowcase.  If you do not want to give up one of your pillowcases you can easily go buy one at the D.I. or a thrift store, just be sure to pick one that has a pattern on it that you will like because it will be on the outside of the bag.  Here is what you do.
  1. Trim 1/4 inch off the closed end.  So you take your pillowcase and trim it on the end that is sewn closed.
  2. Cut the case in half on the diagonal.  Once you have your end cut, you lay it out flat and cut diagonally from one corner to the other.
  3. Turn the fabric of each of the four diagonal cut edges over by 1/4 inch, twice; pin, and hem.  Now you take the edge that you have just cut, fold it and hem it.
  4. Place one pillowcase half inside the other, lining up bottom edges;  Sorry I do not have a picture, but you have your two triangles, take the shorter side and line them up at the bottom so one is inside the other.
  5. Pin, and sew at front where fabrics overlap. Repeat on other side.
  6. Turn fabric inside out, and hem case's cut bottom.
  7. Trim with pinking shears.  This is optional, I did not do this and it turned out fine, just trim it with fabric shears.
  8. Turn case right side out, tie top ends into a knot, and you have a carefree summer bag.
If you are having troubles you can refer to this link where the pattern is Pillowcase Bag,  here is what my bag turned out like, I think that it is super cute and you can use it for just about anything.  A beach bag, a bag just to hold you things, either way now you have a really fun bag that you made by yourself with a pillowcase that you did not think could be used for anything.  Enjoy your new bag!