Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Bunny

Now, for Easter everyone loves to decorate.  I am going to show you today a little something I got way back when.  I cannot remember exactly where I got it, but I am sure you will love it.  It is some Easter Bunnies that stack up into each other and they are so adorable.  There is a Daddy Bunny, a Momma Bunny, a Baby Bunny, and an easter egg.

Up above are pictures of the Daddy bunny, isn't he adorable?  I absolutely love his fluffy little tail, his overalls and his glasses.  I also think that the heart on his back pocket and the carrot he is holding are cute too!

Then, as you can see, the Daddy bunny opens up and what is laying inside? The Momma bunny.  After her, it goes to the Baby bunny and then the little Easter egg that is inside of the smallest bunny.  

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jewelry Frame

Okay, so once again we were shopping at the D.I., just looking for something that we might be able to rescue and make into something cute.  You know how there are all sorts of rows in the D.I.,  the glass row, the toy row, the collectibles, the clothes, the frames, puzzles, holidays, it goes on and on.  Well, we went on the frame row and I found a pretty frame, but it had something extra that most frames don't have, it had a sort of criss cross of metal bars going across the inside of the frame.


So we bought it and took it home.  As you can see, it has a lot of potential to be just about anything, but my mom and I had a specific idea in mind.  You see how the bars are not totally small?  Well, we saw an idea on a blog or on T.V. that said that if you got chicken wire and did this with a frame you could create a cute jewelry holder for your earrings!  How fun is that?  So here is how it looks after we spray painted it:



Now, you can just leave it white with nothing behind the bars, or you could put coordinating scrapbook paper behind the bars and glue it so there is a pop of color.  Right now, we just primed it with spray paint because we do not know what color we want to paint it for sure.  You can do this with any frame.  All you need is a frame, chicken wire, spray paint, and scrapbook paper if you want.♦


As you can see, totally cute, fun and easy!  Anyone could pull off this project.  I did not think it would be this easy.  Now, what will my next project be?

Button Vase

This next project I am going to show you is one we got from a local crafty store, sort of.  It's not really a crafty store, it's just a small shop that is in a cute little house and they sell anything from jewelry, furniture, handmade items, and well you know.  There we saw this next idea.  All you need is a glass vase or bottle that you like and get some fake flowers.  Then you go search through your buttons for some buttons to fill it up.  We just used plain white buttons, but you could use whatever works best.  Here are some pictures of the finished product:

As you can see, we just found this pretty but simple vase at the thrift store, the one that I talked about in the last post.  And, get this, it even came with those pretty fake flowers! So we did not even have to go buy some that we liked, they came with the vase!  Getting back on track, you find some buttons and you put them in the jar.  Just make sure that the buttons are small enough that they will not get stuck.  You fill it as full as you want and then you stick the flowers back in.  Makes a great decoration for any season.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thrift Store Find

Now, as you know, we usually go shopping at the D.I. and yard sales, but that is not the only place that you can find really cute stuff for cheap.  Oh, no!  You can also find super cool things at thrift stores.  We have a thrift store that is right in town, there is also one up in Brigham and Logan.  Super fun places to go.  They are also super cheap.  Anyway, we went shopping one day just for fun, and my mom saw this wooden duck.  And since it was around Easter, we decided to buy it, take it home, and spray paint it.  It only cost fifty-cents too!  The original price on it was $19.99.  I mean who in their right mind could pass that up?  Nobody.  This time I have a before picture!  So this is what it looked like when we first bought it:

It is not terribly ugly, but when we bought it I was having doubts about whether it would look cute or not when we were done.  After all, there is only so much that spray paint can do for a project.  But we went ahead and spray painted it heirloom white and all of my doubts vanished.  Here it is after we spray painted it:

Now, I know that I am not the best photographer, but I think that you can see that it turned out adorable, the perfect easter decoration that we were looking for! And to think I did not know whether or not the spray paint could save it.  I guess that shows just what spray paint can do.

Clipboard Make Over

Once again, I was shopping at the D.I. with my mom when we spotted a clipboard.  No big deal right? Wrong! When you are looking at the D.I., you should never pass over the clipboards with the thought that I don't need them or what would I do with them.  There are a million things you could do with them.  Anyway, I will get to that later.  But we were shopping and we spotted a cute clipboard that we could not pass up.  Once again, no before picture, but who needs one, we all know what a clipboard looks like.  We bought it and spray painted it with a primer.  If you want to, you can go over it with a white spray paint, but that is not necessary.

Now, as you can see, we did not get it spray painted completely all the way through on the board.  That is okay, because it will be covered up later.  You just get a regular clipboard, or even a cute vintage one that has a little more character with a crown, and you spray paint it.  It is already looking better!  Now, here is what you do next, you get a piece of scrapbook paper that you like, any kind it doesn't matter.  Then you trace the clipboard onto the paper, now you have a rectangular piece of paper.  Ta-dah!  It looks fabulous!

Now, as you can see, I did not glue the piece of paper down, the clip on the clipboard is holding it on.  That way, whenever you want to change the paper you can according to holidays or whatever, totally changeable.  You can also see with mine I didn't apply any flowers on it or anything, though you can.  You can use the clipboard for anything, whether to write on one, to hold a list for groceries, or to decorate a room by holding pictures on it.  As you can see, the possibilities are endless.  So the next time you see a boring old clipboard, do not pass it by, pick it up!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alphabet Pillows

As you may know, I am in the ninth grade.  We just barely started a new trimester last week so we are in our third and final trimester.  I am so excited, it is almost summer!  Anyway, during the second trimester, the one we just got done with, I had a sewing class, and one of the projects that she had us sew were alphabet pillows.  Now, since the teacher brought her pattern for all of us to use to make our own pillows, I don't have a pattern to show you, but I can tell you the gist of the pattern that we used.  It was a pretty basic letter shape, made just a little bit bigger than you want the actual letter to be with rounded edges.  We cut out the pattern and made two of every letter that we wanted, one for the front and one for the back.  After we had cut them out, we started sewing them together with the right sides together.  We sewed 5/8 all the way around except for a small opening just big enough for your hand to slip through.  Then you stuff it and hand sew the hole closed.  So, as you can see, it is a very simple project to do, and you will love the final result!  Here are some pictures:

As you can see, for the 'A' the 'D' and the 'O', I  put buttons in the center so you could actually tell what letter they were.  It is very simple to sew the buttons onto the pillow, you just center it the way you want it and then you go in and out and in and out.  Pull it while you are sewing though so it creates a puckered look if you want.

This is very fun and you can do any word or phrase that you want.  Super easy and great for gifts too.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Better Late than Never

It is now the month of March, and I have been trying to catch up on all of the crafty things which I have been doing in the past year!  It is very difficult.  So bear with me if I go back and show you something that I did a couple months ago.  When I showed you the little round tin in one of the pictures, it showed a chalkboard with a St. Patrick's Day saying on it.  Well, I did some other drawings for it in February for Valentines Day and for Christmas, so hope you enjoy!  Here are some pictures:

Now, here are a couple from the month of February for Valentines Day, they are so cute!

Anyways, sorry if it is boring for you to go back a couple months, I might do that again in the near future.  I hope you won't mind!

Super Chic

As usual, my mom and I went to a yard sale, and we were having a fantastic time.  That is when I found this beauty!  Now, I am sorry that I don't have a before picture, but imagine it gold.  I must get on the ball about that.  All I have is an after picture.  Anyway, we were at this yard sale and I found this cool tray.  I had been looking for one and this one was perfect!  It was an oval tray with a flower decoration going around the sides.  And to make it even better, inside of the tray was a mirror!  It was an amazing find, I was so happy!  Now, the pictures I am going to show you are after it was spray painted white.

Isn't it so cute?  I thought so.  Don't you think that it is just elegant?  It will go perfect on one of my shelves or on the dresser in my room.

Here is a zoom in on the flowery stuff that goes all the way around it, very delicate and pretty looking, huh?

I thought that it would be the perfect thing to put my perfume on since it has a mirror at the bottom.  What do you think?  I really lke it.  It was so much fun to do.  Hope you enjoyed it!

A Yard Sale Find

Now that it is summer, my mom and I have been going to a lot more yard sales.  They are one of the greatest places to find great things.  You heard right, who knows what treasures you will find.  Anyway, we decided to stop at this yard sale that did not look as if it had anything that we would be interested in, (it was a man yard sale), but we stopped anyway.  I am so glad that we stopped.  Although it was a boiling hot day and I felt as if I could not stand another minute, I found a treasure!

At the time, I had absolutely no idea what I would do with it.  I did know that it had some potential to become something amazing.  After all, it could hold just about anything from bracelets and earrings, to necklaces and rings.  Once we got it home, we started spray painting it.  Here's the color we used.

What to do first

I am a fourteen year old girl who loves to spray paint and do crafty things with my mom, so I finally got on the ball and decided to start a blog about it.  Now, you may think, why would I want to do a blog? Well, it's just because I want to share what I love to do with other people.  My mom and I didn't even know the miracles spray painting could perform until we started looking at crafty blogs, so here I go.  Hope you enjoy!

I went shopping with my partner in crime, my mom, at the D.I., which is one of our favorite stores.  I am not  ashamed to admit it.  You would not believe the treasures that people just get rid of that you can find there!  Anyway, we have been looking for a cute lamp to go in my room, (we are redecorating my room and we needed some new things) and we saw a pretty cool lamp just sitting on the shelf.  My mom and I grabbed it and thought it would be perfect once we had spray painted it.

Here is the final result.  Isn't it cute?  And just think, it used to be an ugly thing that was in the D.I.  Talk about a beauty and the beast transformation.  We absolutely love it!  It will go perfectly in my room.  We just need to find a shade that will look great in my room.