Monday, March 22, 2010

Clipboard Make Over

Once again, I was shopping at the D.I. with my mom when we spotted a clipboard.  No big deal right? Wrong! When you are looking at the D.I., you should never pass over the clipboards with the thought that I don't need them or what would I do with them.  There are a million things you could do with them.  Anyway, I will get to that later.  But we were shopping and we spotted a cute clipboard that we could not pass up.  Once again, no before picture, but who needs one, we all know what a clipboard looks like.  We bought it and spray painted it with a primer.  If you want to, you can go over it with a white spray paint, but that is not necessary.

Now, as you can see, we did not get it spray painted completely all the way through on the board.  That is okay, because it will be covered up later.  You just get a regular clipboard, or even a cute vintage one that has a little more character with a crown, and you spray paint it.  It is already looking better!  Now, here is what you do next, you get a piece of scrapbook paper that you like, any kind it doesn't matter.  Then you trace the clipboard onto the paper, now you have a rectangular piece of paper.  Ta-dah!  It looks fabulous!

Now, as you can see, I did not glue the piece of paper down, the clip on the clipboard is holding it on.  That way, whenever you want to change the paper you can according to holidays or whatever, totally changeable.  You can also see with mine I didn't apply any flowers on it or anything, though you can.  You can use the clipboard for anything, whether to write on one, to hold a list for groceries, or to decorate a room by holding pictures on it.  As you can see, the possibilities are endless.  So the next time you see a boring old clipboard, do not pass it by, pick it up!

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