Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  I hope everybody had a great Easter weekend.  I had a fun time.  First, let me talk about something new that we did this year.  This year, instead of your typical baskets that can be so messy and things are falling out of them and they are hard to store because they refuse to stack, my mom and I were just making a run to town for some things and we decided to stop at Alco.  It's just one of those small stores that have a little bit of everything.  Well, on the way to the checkout, we saw some party buckets.  We have all seen them at the store, you use them for drinks or chips at a party.  Well, we were thinking how cute they would be if we used them as easter baskets.  They were absolutely perfect and came in four colors, pink, green, blue and orange.  It was just the right amount of colors because there are four kids in our family, three boys and one girl.  So we color coordinated them using pink grass for the pink basket and green for green, and blue for blue, we could not find any orange grass so we used yellow and it still looks great!  Here are some photos of the finished products.


Are they not super cute?  I could not show you the green or the blue bucket because my brothers had already hauled them off to their rooms, but you get what I am trying  to show you.  I really like them and the are really easy to do.  Do you see that green purse, well parents you do not always have to put just candy or movies or toys in your kids baskets you can put things like this.  I absolutely love this purse, I have been needing one desperately.  And, to top it all off, it only cost $6 at family dollar, what a deal!  The next thing I shall show you is a new thing that we have discovered just this year.  On Good Things Utah we saw a person talking about one of their Easter traditions.  It was to have an Easter egg hunt outside, and to have each person only pick up one color egg and the golden eggs.  Well,  they also threw something else into the mix.  They had these eggs that were filled with confetti and if you found one you could crack it on another person and steal one of their eggs.  Here is a picture of the eggs with confetti, you can get them at Wal-mart for $2.

Speaking of Easter eggs, my family and I colored some eggs on Easter.  We usually do that the night before, but we totally forgot because we got home late on Saturday.  Here are just some pictures of the easter eggs that we colored.  I know they are not the cutest things, but I like them.  We just used a Paas kit with the wax crayons and some rubber bands.

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