Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gumball Machine

Now, this is what we have been searching for forever!  We found it awhile ago but I am just getting caught up on all of my blog posts.  Anyway, the thing that we have been looking for, and the one thing I have really wanted is a gumball machine.  You see a gumball machine is the perfect thing to add character to a room.  So we found one at a yardsale for a steal, it only cost $1.00, we were very excited.  After we get it home and cleaned up we brak out the spray paint cans and started spraying.  This is a fairly simple project to do, you just spray paint the parts that you need to (the stand, machine, and top) and then fill it with candy.  I am very pleased with the final result, it is so cute!  I have not had a chance to buy candy to fill it up with yet, but here it is.

Now if you want to see some more gumball machines follow these links.  Twice Remembered and Gumball Machines

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