Friday, August 13, 2010

Locker Wallpaper

It is Back-to-School, that means shopping for clothes, and supplies for school, but when you go shopping do not forget one of the most important things that most of us need: Locker decoration!  We were shopping at Shopko and we were looking down the school supplies row when we saw this package of patterned paper that said "Magnetic Dr-Erase Wallpaper" I could not believe it.  It is the perfect thing if you are looking for an easy and cute way to decorate your locker.  I have tried it where I had to tape scrapbook paper onto the locker or use magnets to hold it up, and neither is a very good way to do it, so when I saw this I had to buy it and see if it really worked, we also bought some dry-erase markers.

This is the perfect thing to use if you decorate your locker, it sticks to most metal and does not fall off easily! Comes in all kinds of fun patterns, I cannot wait to use this in my locker.

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